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Edvard Munch (1863-1944)…kisses compared

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I do not know exactly what it is that draws me into the paintings by Munch. I tried to analyze their attraction for me. It is not the technique, nor the great way they are painted, but what i like about them is the use of color and the drama they radiate. Take for instance the famous Scream or Puberty. Both ooze atmosphere and “action” in a surreal colored setting.

Or compare the kiss by Much with the kiss by Klimt. The Munch kiss is a sensuous one, whereas the Klimt kiss is styled . Both done in the same decade, but for me the kiss by Munch is more authentic. Certainly the Klimt Kiss is more appealing, because the time we visited the Belvedere and saw it in reality in its special room with perfect lightning it was amazing, but the Munch kiss is a real kiss and must be admired just for that reason.

Munch is still not the household name as he should be, but that is a matter of time. Just a few decades and he will be known all over the world. Not only for a few iconic paintings , but for his complete oeuvre. Munch publications are available at

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