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Jan Snoeck…world famous in DEN HAAG


If you ask a citizen of THE HAGUE who is Jan Snoeck?…. They probably do not know who he is, but ask if they know about the ceramic statues, they do know them. These statues are spread all over THE HAGUE and trademark works by this artist. Snoeck born in 1927 is one of the great masters who grew up and stayed in THE HAGUE all of his life and has parctically known all of the artists from the POSTHOORN group. Ceramics are what he is known for although he also made some graphic works and paintings. I know Snoeck from his earliest days because at one time a bought a lithograph at Arta in the early 70’s.

And now i am selling the UNICA he has made some 30 years ago

A few months ago i was contacted by a collector who wanted to sell her collection of unique plates and i agreed to help. So these weeks special unique plates by Snoeck are sold through Catawiki and the one that is for sale now can be found here.



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