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Adela Rodix / ADELA (1947)

Adela Rodix is an artist, thinker, writer. She exhibits her works of art in leading galleries in Europe and America, such as Galerie Maeght. In her artistic career she is also known as Adela, R.D. Adela and Adela R. Duflos.
She has a degree in History. Adela has also been a fashion and advertising model. From a Spanish-French family, she has been living in different countries, feeling herself as a pilgrim, a traveler. She lived for many years in Barcelona, Spain, and now she lives between Warsaw, Buenos Aires, Madrid and New York. She is also author of Light of Cultronia.
Her new book The Weary Angel. will come in september 2022.

WWW.FTN-BOOKS.COM has the Maeght edition form 1993 now available.

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