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Antoni Clavé (1913-2005)

Antoni Clavé was born in Barcelona in 1913 and lived with his mother until 1934. In 1918 he entered elementary school, after which he entered the Hispanic American Quorum. Since 1926, he has been forced into forced labor from the age of 13, working first as a clerk in a textile store for cases. At the same time, he enrolled in the night class of a part-time art school. There he modeled in Angel Ferran’s class and painted with José Mongrel. Along the way, he meets Eduardo Serra, Jordi Casals, Ramon Martim, Grau Sala and Hermann Pico.

José Mongrel finds a job as a facade painting apprentice in Tolosa. By mastering crafts and techniques such as making plaster, plaster, and glue, and then mixing paints, young clave learn techniques such as fresco painting, lettering, and fantasy painting.
In 1928, one of his first works was a portrait of his maternal grandmother. He remained employed in Tolosa well into the 1930s to support himself and his mother, who was now paralyzed and wholly dependent on him. In addition, he continues to take evening courses at an art school, of which he is now in the regular course. There, he meets Salvador Ortiga, with whom he develops a deep friendship. Ortiga advised and influenced his disciples over the course of three years. In 1932 Clave left art school. When he won second place in a poster competition organized by Sparkasse Barcelona, he felt encouraged to quit his painting job. In 1934, Clave was already using new materials in its advertising and stage design work that were first used by the avant-garde artists of the time: collages of various materials, ropes, printed fabrics, cardboard, newspapers, etc. I was. Together with his friend Salvador Ortiga he searched for other new material and created it in Paris a few years later. has some interesting Clave titles now available.

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