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Maarten Ploeg and Günter Tuzina an Analogy

It took me almost 40 years to discover this. Because i listed the Gunter Tuzina tekeningen publication ( available at i took from my bookcase the DE KEUZE VAN DE KUNSTENAAR from 1984 f. …..Opened the book and found both my OK HOOFD by Maarten Ploeg and the Tekeningen publication Tuzina made for the Stedelijk Museum exhibition. Both artist presented their work at the same time at the Haags Gemeentemuseum and now i found both used the same form in the same year. Coincidence?…. i do not think so. It certainly must be admiration. Recently i (re) discovered the work by Maarten Ploeg and it will not be for long when i look again at the impressive OK HOOFD which has been stored for the last 20 years. All publications mentioned are available at

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