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Marcel Janco (1895-1984)

Marcel Janco

Most people do not know his name, but Janco is an important name in art since he was one of the founding members of the DADA mouvement in Cabaret Voltaire in Zürich in 1916. He then moved back to Romania , where he lived from 1922 until he fled in 1941 from National Socialism to Palestine. He founded an artist village near Haifa and lived until his death in Israel. Perhaps that is the reason why most of his works can be found outside Europe. Still his work is important and that is finally recognised by some of the large Museums in Europe which held some exhibitions on Janco and his graphic Works in the past 2 decades. Not confident enough to publish a large run of the catalogue, the KUNSTHAL partcipated in a small limited edition of only 320 (numbered 297) copies of which i finally found a copy. This book is now for sale at

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