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Diana Vandenberg (1923-1997)

Diana Vandenberg

A blog written as a souvenir to one of my earliest purchases in art. In the early Seventies i started collecting and was a frequent visitor of ARTA gallery in Den Haag. They has their own selection of artists of whom they published art in edition and among them was Diana Vandenberg. Being an artist of the gallery they held a small stock and i bought a very affordable early Fifties etching by Vandenberg with them. Intrigued by the print and being informed of the location of her studio. I found that she was living with artist JOHFRA nearby in Den Haag and in one of the rooms of their house she had a gallery with works that were for sale. I visited her and bought the smallest painting that i could afford. Why this story …… Two reasons. First of all i still admire her works and techniques and because of that i have some nice publications available at http://www.ftn-books, but secondly….. i sold both the Vandenberg originals to a Swiss collector. The blog is now some sort of farewell to 2 little Vandenberg works that i kept in collection for almost Fifty Years.

However the books on Vandenberg i have are still available.

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