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Gielijn Escher (1945)

Gielijn Escher

A longtime fascinationfor Gielijn Escher resulted in buying at auction a roll with Nederlands Kamerorkest posters. These were all early 70’s posters and the first impression was that they resembled Wim Crouwel’s poster from that era, but studying these they were less rigid. Brighter colors and lettering for wehich he later would become famous ( WATERLANDCONCERTEN),…. the best was yet to come. They were all signed by Gielijn Escher and now i am offering these at

Designer and collector

At the age of seventeen, Gielijn Escher decided to become a poster designer. His passion for collecting began very early. At the age of six he began collecting orange wrappers and labels from orange crates. Four years later he started his, now vast, collection of posters

Gielijn Escher studied in at the Institute for Applied Arts Education (IvKNO), the forerunner of the Gerrit Rietveld Academie in Amsterdam the 1960s. He has made announcements for dance and theatre performances, concerts and exhibitions. Typical of Escher’s independent vision was that he also had great admiration for more commercial designers such as Frans Mettes and Cor van Velsen. In the early 1970s Escher discovered the work of early-twentieth-century designer Lucian Bernhard and his contemporaries. Since then, Bernhard’s very simple and highly stylised Sachplakate have been a great source of inspiration for the designer.

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