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Emil und Ada Nolde

Emil und Ada Nolde

Even early on Emil Nolde was moved by the thought of finding a permanent home for his work: “an independent, free foundation”, that was to be opened to the public. To achieve this, after the residential and studio house in Seebüll was completed in 1946, he and his wife founded the Ada and Emil Nolde Foundation Seebüll.

In the preamble Nolde wrote: ” … in our little estate in pastorally simple nature – figuratively speaking – the seeking, spiritual wanderer from every country should find a special place where he can be given a little happiness and artistic-spiritual relaxation.”
The Nolde Foundation Seebüll has the task of managing Emil Nolde’s extensive estate in Seebüll in accordance with the artist’s sensibilities, preserving his work for posterity, and circulating it worldwide.

This is how the foundation introduces itself on its internet site and with over 60000 visitors yearly it has proven to be far more that a outing on a rainy day. Seebull is important and i am proud that i have acquired a small mid Nineties collection of its poster publications which is now available at Here are some examples.

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