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Observations 2, Ossip

I have been living with art works by Ossip for the last 20 years. It started with a production of a nice catalogue for the Ossip presentation at the Gemeentemuseum Den Haag and a small purchase at gallery Ramakers and since a studio visit in 2006, i have been following Ossip and his works closely. At some point we have developed a friendship and the same as with other artists i know and have been following i started collecting Their works have become part of our collection and lives.

I always find that people react in different ways on Ossip his works. Some are immediately intrigued and others are scared by the strange and disfigured , humans. I can understand these feelings since Ossip his works bring an “unease” for the viewer. Still i personally also have experienced questions raised when looking at his works. Why? a circle around the centre figure in ” STADJE” and even more why is the circle around the human figure made out of sand?

It is all desolation in this STADJE and the figure looks to be lost in a war scene frfm WWI. Location?…. somewhere in the Alsace region in France/Germany, and circles around the figure. From the centre they spread out and feel like radiation and focussing on this centre/ key figure.

It also can be a style element found by Ossip and used in a series of paintings since i found the same kind of circles in BOY/Jongen, but the difference is that this young man tries to cast a spell to us. There is even a hole in the absolute middle of the painting . Hard to be seen but there, which must have helped Ossip to draw these circles. I find these early works by Ossip more fascinating than his recent works with moving parts and figures. The focus in these early works is the compositions, the focus in his last works is on the movement which make these less interesting to me. has some nice Ossip publications now available including some original art. please inquire at

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