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Observations 1… Frank van Hemert

Frank van Hemert ./ Secret Survivors

When you have been collecting art as long as i have been doing , one gathers over the years a large collection and have been looking at hese works for many times. Discovering, wondering, gaping and admiring

All these moments add up to an experience i can only highly recommend for everybody. Yes ….everybody since the cheapest of art is available at very small prices. How about Rob Scholte’s multiples that he made for “KRUIDVAT”. Extremely large editions , but still great art and this art isd finacially accessible to almost everybody. The initial price was set as low as a few Euro’s but these have become true collectibles and fetch much higher but still affordable prices nowadays . ( available at

The first Observation i want to share is one of the infamous ” dripping” paintings by Frank van Hemert. This painting from van Hemert was bought by me at auction and when i wrote Frank that we had acquired this painting the first reaction was…..but this one is a”TOTAL LOSS” because of the paint not drying and hardening enough.

And yes Frank van Hemert was right. The pink /red parts were still soft and sticky. This painting had been back to his studio for a restauration and after it had been restored the collector must have thought it wiser to sell……and …it was my luck. Over the years the painting started to dry and it is getting better and dryer every month. A beautiful, impressive painting. A dynamic one too, since the paint looks as if it is moving. I still love this and it has become one of the pillars under our collection.

Almost all van Hemert titles are availabel at

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