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William Morris (1834-1896)

Inspired by a projcet that my wife was doing for her work. I noticed the raised interest in the classic designs of William Morris and the use of these complex, but classic designs in Modern and Contemporary interior designs. Contemporary furniture and lightning is chosen with a background on one of the walls designed by William Morris. And not one, but i saw the use of William Morris wallpapers in multiple of her designs.


Throughout his life, William Morris was fascinated by textiles and the techniques he needed to master to produce the effects he saw and admired in historical furnishings.

Satisfying his need for a manual as well as an intellectual engagement with design, textiles also offered Morris the scope to develop his talent for pattern across a huge number of different products. The V&A has extensive collections of his work in textiles – ranging from examples of his first experiments in embroidery in the early 1860s through to the imposing tapestry panels he helped to create only a few years before his death.

These dessigns now certainly have proven to be timeless. Many of these are over 150 years old, but they remain fresh and my guess is they  still will be used in another 100 years.


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