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Lee Boltin ( 1917-1991 )

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I know of some dutch photographers who specialize in photography of art objects and catalogues. There are Gerrit Schreurs and Erik and Petra Hesmerg of course, but i had never heard of Lee Boltin. Reading about him i learned that he photographed one of the most iconic exhibitions from the 20th Century. Boltin documented the Tutanchamon exhibition and its objects. This was new to me , because the reason of this blog was a recent addition on signs and other letter related photographs he made during the Fifties in his home town New York. I liked the book and its photographs and beside being a historical document it is also a highly collectable book from a great photographer. so i bought it and it is now for sale at

Mr. Boltin photographed several important exhibitions and collections, including the contents of the ancient Egyptian king Tutankhamen’s tomb for the book “Tutankhamen: The Tomb and Its Treasures” in 1977, and the Nelson A. Rockefeller collection, which was the subject of “Masterpieces of Primitive Art,” published in 1978.

Born in New York City in 1917, Mr. Bolton trained at the American Museum of Natural History, where his early photographs focused on pre-Columbian and Eskimo art. In 1954 he left the museum to work on his own. His photographs have appeared in museums around the United States and in Europe, as well as in art books and other publications.

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