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Valérie Favre (1959)

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Born in Switzerland , but working for most part of her artistic life in Berlin, Favre has gathered a loyal following of collectors. Her work is a typical feminal mix of abstraction and story telling.

Within the composition there are always recognizable elements, but background and even some of the props in the painting can be purely abstract.

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Valérie Favre makes up stories and tells us these stories, gradually mixing in their sociopolitical influences: war, death, suffering, as well as a few well-known suicides mingling with hybrid creatures in quest of sex, both masculine and feminine. In this way, her works can be seen as a kind of index of the world’s fears and anxieties. Yet, as the artist treats these anxieties with the derisory irony of a piece of paper, she also imposes a distancing from them, a distance from which rises humor.

Outside Germany her art is hardly known and certainly deserves to be known much better. has a nice Valerie Favre title available


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