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Dale Chihuly (1941)

Since the late 1960s, Dale Chihuly has been revolutionizing the art and craft of glassblowing, concocting dynamic, flamboyant, color-saturated forms that push this ubiquitous material far beyond utilitarian ends, including his signature, massing chandeliers. His works, seen across the U.S. and worldwide, include individual pieces ranging from undulating, nested vessels to whimsical sea creatures, and encompassing architectural installations. He bases his multidisciplinary approach upon teamwork, with up to 18 people working at a time, and draws from architecture and design, painters and sculptors, Native American baskets, and nature. As Chihuly describes, in terms reflecting his egalitarian attitude: “My feeling is that it doesn’t make any difference if the work is called art or craft or design…If they go into the museum, which has everything from native masks to painting, these objects become equals—one really isn’t more important than another.”

and now for the dutch. …..The blog is inspired by an exhibition which is now running at the Groninger Museum and will be there until the 5th of May 2019. A spectacular show in which over a 1000 glass flowers are in bloom. All in the fantastic Mendini designed museum.  …… a treat for young and old.

The first time i encountered a work by Chihuly for real was at the entrance of the Bellagio hotel / Las Vegas and since i have been collecting publications by Chihuly of which some are available at

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