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An extremely rare Gemeentemuseum catalogue from 1940

Possibly you know that i have been a bookseller for the Gemeentemuseum Den Haag for nearly 25 years. But this catalogue was totally new to me.


It is the catalogue for the exhibition on still lives and flowers which was held in the Gemeentemuseum during the first months of WWII. ( exactly the months the war broke out) I do not remember ever have seen this, so i was surprised and amazed to have found such a rare catalogue of which the majority must have been destroyed or became lost during the chaotic first months of the war. The catalogue is not particularly beautiful, but is has a nice woodblock print by W.J. Rozendaal on the cover. Of course with a still life of fish and flowers. A rare catalogue and for those of you who collect the Gemeentemuseum catalogues a rare opportunity to complete your collection with this rare catalogue

2 thoughts on “An extremely rare Gemeentemuseum catalogue from 1940

  1. Is deze catalogus nog te koop?

    1. Beste Sander , Dank voor je belangstelling in deze Gemeentemuseum publicatie. Ja. de catalogus is nog te koop. Hierbij de link naar het item. Met groet, wilfried

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