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Walter Dahn (1954)….almost forgotten

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Beside a gifted painter and belonging to the JUNGE WILDEN movement and member of the Mülheimer Freiheit in Germany in the Eighties, Dahn is also known as a photographer and a musician. In the eighties he was invited for  exhibitions all over Europe and in the Netherland the Groninger Museum presented his works on several occasions, but in the Nineties and Zero’s the art of Dahn became almost extinct and the artist Walter Dahn disappeared from the art radar completely. Nowhere his art was shown and only an occasional gallery presented his new works. Personally i do not think this is fair, because his art is highly recognizable and sometimes shows great quality.

I like his art and maybe he will be appreciated once again when time passes and the JUNGE WILDEN painters like Fetting, Dahn and Bach will be reestablished as the great German painters they onmce were considered. Until that time you have to rely on the publications from the 80’s and 90’s that are available at


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