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Wilhelm von Gloeden (1856-1931) and Taormina.

Arcadia on Sicily. That is what Taormina in Sicily meant for Baron Wilhelm von Gloeden. One of the pioneers of modern photography and one that had a preference for photographing young men. This preference made von Gloeden for a very long time a controversial photographer. He grouped these youngsters and photographed them in classic poses and settings….. or chose a single young men for his photographs. One of them, Pancrazio Bucini, became his long time friend and partner for the rest of his life.

Not so long ago his publications were sold from under the counter, but fortunately with the acceptance of homosexuality these beautiful photo’s can be presented in the open and many publications have been published since. Wilhelm von Gloeden is one of those artists who contributed in his own way to the acceptance of homosexuality and the gay emancipation. some of his publications are available at



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