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Peter van Straaten ( 1935 – 8 December 2016)


This is probably not for the dutch. There have been numerous articles on Peter van Straaten, who died 2 days ago. But for those who are not familiar with the works by van Straaten …. Here is a short blog on him. He is one of those who documented every day life, politics and even sex in drawings and with his drawings commented on the dutch society. Drawings with pen and black ink made his drawings stand out through over 5 decades. He published his drawings in newspapers ( Volkskrant), weekly magazines ( Vrij Nederland ) and his famous series of erotic drawings were published directly as a book . The last series is rarely encountered in the biographies of van Straaten, because of its explicit content, but look past the nudity and you will see a highly entertaining drawing of a situation in which one can feel the unease of it.

This series is for me what van Straaten stands for. A free mind and a different approach of every situation, made his drawings worthwhile looking at. Highly detailed, beautiful drawings of an artist who will be missed. There are some publications by Peter van Straaten available at

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