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Peter Pontiac ( 1951-2015)

Peter Pontiac ( Peter J.G. Pollmann ) was one of the leading underground dutch comic artists, but in the past 10 years i have learned that he has a very loyal following outside the Netherlands. His style is unique and can be recognized immediately and through the years he more and more moved away from the comic style he used in his early years. Like Joost Swarte, he became involved in other aspects of graphic arts and designed and published together with Oog & Blik and Griffioen grafiek. His subjects scenes ranged from his personal life and sex to the darker side of society. In almost all cases it had a sombre, dark tone which was emphasized with very detailled drawings

many legendary publications of which the Pontiac REVIEW series may be  the most remarkable one.

A few days ago i sold one of these books to Spain, but still there remain some extremely nice Pontiac publications to be picked up.



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