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Ramon Herreros (1947)

The painting process is demystified by the modest artist, who exhibits clarity in his work. The paintings, in terms of style, may shift between the figurative and the abstract realms. During the 1980s, the artist produced grand-scale abstractions, subsequently incorporating female nudes. In recent times, trees and architectural structures have been introduced by the artist, although the subject matter has always been significantly decontextualized through simplification. Herreros’ forms are intricate and distorted in various manners, resulting in harmonious juxtapositions such as supple versus edgy, recognizable versus unfamiliar, and so on. Just as the objects in his paintings undergo alienation, the figures themselves undergo transformation. They are flattened, showcasing vacant expressions and existing in a perpetual state of contemplation. The artwork exudes tranquility, bestowing upon it a metaphysical essence and a timeless allure. has the Maeght publication available