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Gianni Bertini (1922)

He was born in Pisa on August 31, 1922 and graduated from the city with a degree in pure mathematics. Gianni his Bertini made his debut as a painter in 1946 and chose the path of abstraction because, as he himself puts it, “I gave the events of the war a real meaning, so I am a non-representative.” It has become something of a standard.u201d Cycles, griddies used stamped letters and numbers. After a short stay in Rome, he settled in Milan in 1950, where he made contact with the MAC of Monnier, Dolfres, Munari and Soldati. During this year, he mainly produced works with a graphic aspect. It consists of the juxtaposition of contrasting elements such as positive and negative, black and white, and dotted lines, which led him to study the world of line and space, as well as the mechanical aspects of animating animation. rice field. He deepens its composition and decomposition. In 1951 he was invited to two exhibitions devoted to Italian abstract art. “Abstract and Representational Art” at the Museum of Modern Art in Rome, and “Panorama of Italian Abstract Art” at the Bonpiani Museum in Milan from 1915 to 1951. Next, he creates paintings that make extensive use of dripping. Presented in October 1951 at the Numero Gallery in Florence, these works are among his first representations of informal painting made in Italy. They later came to be called nuclear paints. At the end of 1951 he moved to Paris and in May 1952 his first solo exhibition in Paris was held at the Galerie Arnault. has the galerie Thorigny catalog now available.