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P.H. van Acker (1958)

Van Acker creates paintings and drawings that combine attention to detail with a sense of composition. While this alone is not enough to produce quality art, Van Acker’s greatest achievement is to seduce the viewer to study the details and then step back to record the overwhelming totality of the art. The ability to create paintings. At the opening of his exhibition, he was impressed by the sight of people walking up to the paintings and then coming back. It’s clear that Van Acker is a music lover, and it shows in his artwork. Therefore, his eight paintings that make up “Franciscus”, depicting all the birds of the world, were inspired by Olivier Messiaen’s opera “Franciscus”, which in turn was a great influence on this opera. It is not surprising that the catalog says that it has been received. It was caused by the sound of birds. This background information is not necessary to enjoy Van Acker’s work, but it does add something special to his paintings. has the Gasunie catalog from 2004 available.

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