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Peter van Poppel (1945-2023)

Peter van Poppel belongs to the post-war generation of new realists, which emerged in the seventies. He stood apart from any group and developed himself completely independently. He unfolded his own style by orienting himself to the great painters of all centuries and studying their masterpieces.
He received his education in Utrecht (School for Graphic Arts) and still resides in the Dom City. The city of surrealism has not left him unaffected. Peter van Poppel paints with great attention to detail, with humor and tenderness, a loving and naive realism with alienations in form. He strings together a litany of small things and beloved people from his field of vision. He prefers to seek the child in the human being, as if he wants to offer the comforting feeling of paradise.

Started in 1966 at the Utrecht art market, followed by solo exhibitions every few years in Amsterdam at Galerie “Jurka” and Galerie “Petit”. Exhibitions in Utrecht at Galerie “De Reiger” and Galerie “Jas”.

Peter van Poppel is represented by Galerie Lieve Hemel at fairs such as Art Amsterdam, Realism, and Pan in Amsterdam, and Tefaf in Maastricht. has the GROOT ATELIER book published by Querido now available.

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