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Kees van Dongen ( continued)

Kees van Dongen

Kees van Dongen ….copycat?. This is how i wanted to start this blog because after visiting the van Dongen exhibition in Laren, I really do not know who inspired who. Last month we visited the Van Dongen exhibition in Laren and after the first room it was clear that van Dongen was ” inspired ” by van Gogh and Monet, but in the second room the van Dongen style emerged and later it became clear that all the artist around 1910 must have known each other, Influenced each other and copied each others style and techniques. It was after another 10 years that the van Dongen typical techniques and compositions found their way onto the canvas. Still, there are some questions to be asked , because in the same museum ( Singer Museum Laren) some other paintings can be found by Maks, Sluyters, and the famous van Dongen painting of a lady resting her arm on the table. One can see elements that are all the same in these paintings. just Look at the right arm, the movement in the painting and the use of color. Who is copying who?

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