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André Kestel (1969)

Andre Kestel

Last week i added a scarce book on Andre Kestel to my inventory. I leafed through it and found the objects unique and amusing, but was also fond of the classic look of the book which is published by the Saarlandisches Kunstlerhaus in an edition of only 400 copies. I tried to learn more about the artist and this particular book and one German colleau in Koln could tell me that the main part of this small edition was considered to be destroyed. I can confirm that in some cases, when a book is impossible to sell , the remainder is destroyed to prevent it becoming available in the market at a too low price level and spoiling the market for future art books of the publishing museum. My guess is this is done with this publication by Kestel. Who knows, perhaps this is the only copy to become available for a very long time.

Born in 1969 in Burgstädt/Germany.
In 1993, workshop project in Chemnitz/Germany. He attended the “Burg Giebichenstein Hochschule für Kunst and Design” in Halle/Germany, main course “Glass painting”, as auditor. Several exhibitions in Germany, Spain and the Netherlands.

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