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Frank van Hemert (continued )

Well over 3 months ago i acquired a series of 6 early drawings by FRANK VAN HEMERT. The series now is examined and photographed out of the frames and …..titles, years and backs reveal themselves . Because I think this is important I want to share this with the readers of this blog and the admirers of Frank van Hemert. The drawing above is titled “BED”, year is 1987 and it has on the back another sketch /drawing in pastel of a bed. The drawing itself was one of the reasons I wanted to buy the series. I intended to sell 2 drawings, but I am in doubt, because I have grown fond of these early van Hemert drawings and I know these are scarce items. Anyway I will share over the coming weeks all of the acquired drawings and who knows, if the price is right I will decide to sell one or two to finance a future purchase. has a large collection of Frank van Hemert publications available

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