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Helen Chadwick (1953-1996)

Helen Chadwick

British conceptual artist Helen CHADWICK embraced the sensuous aspects of the natural world, breaking taboos of the ‘normal’ and ‘traditional’ in art historical pedagogy. Considered a ‘mother’ to the YBAs through her teaching posts at the Royal College of Art, Chelsea School of Art and the London Institute, her experiments with material were innovative and unconventional and captured a world in a state of flux. Piss Flowers (1991-92), in which she cast the interior spaces left in the snow by warm urine, are at once as repulsing as they are beautiful, and it this combination that typifies Chadwick’s work: aesthetic beauty created out of an alliance of unconventional, often vile, materials.

Chadwick was one of the first women artists to be nominated for the Turner Prize in 1987. has the scarce Torch/Onrusta announcement for her Koln exhibition available.

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