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Karel Dierickx (1940-2014)

Karfel Dierickx

Karel Dierickx is a Belgian artist who was born in Ghent in 1940 and died there in 2014. He was a painter, draftsman, sculptor and printmaker. Education at the Academy in Ghent, pupil of O. Landuyt at the Normal School in Ghent. First mention at the prize for Young Belgian Painting in 1962. Godecharle Prize in 1964. Usually starts from a vague landscape as an original motif. Due to an increasingly thorough abstraction of the motif and the simultaneous emphasis of the mood, this matter becomes an almost independent means of expression. The paint skin appears hurt and tense. From the press: “The painter calls himself a chaotic figure who is out to find plastic motifs and solutions, and then to break them down. And that is one of the characteristics of his work, which always starts from a realistic data – for example a still life, a landscape or a figure – but in which the figurative underlay is processed, processed and worked through until an apparently abstract composition remains” (LB ) and “His entire oeuvre is a gifted meditation on light and shadows. His canvases are pictorial ecstasies, paragons of spirituality.” Teacher at the Academy in Ghent. Work in the Museums in Ghent and Ostend. has some Dierrickx items currently available

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