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Hiquily, Kraaijvanger and Oudolf

Today it looks like a random title but it isn’t. A few days ago we walked our dogs in the Museum Voorlinden park. Nice weather, a typical dutch sky, cows in the meadow and the park never looked more beautiful and that is where I took this photograph…… a magical place to visit

It reflects the garden of Piet Oudolf, on top you can see the roof edge of the museum building (Kraaijvanger architects)and part of one of the corridors where at the end this magnificent Hiquily mobile is positioned. At first I thought it to be a Calder, but after some research I noticed that this must be a purchase from last year at ARTCURIAL. Impressive! and we just saw this from the outside!. As written before , a magic place which becomes more and more important for Modern Art in Europe. It still is not there where the Beyeler Museum is, but if they continue this way for another 5 years. ….This museum, this collection, this collector and their joint views and thought on Modern Art brings Museum Voorlinden into the major League of Modern Art museums. We are lucky to live nearby and everyone that values Modern Art should put this museum on his/her list to visit. Of course has many titles available on the artists that Museum Voorlinden has in its collection.

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