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Alexander Calder (continued)

Alexander Calder

Today, after visiting the recently opened HET DEPOT ( by Boymans van Beuningen ) we visited the Alexander Calder exhibition at DE KUNSTHAL. It was less informative than the Calder exhibition at the Gemeentemuseum Den Haag some years ago, but if was more pleasing to the eye with some beautiful examples of Mobiles and one maquette for a large sculpture that was so impressive, that i think, together with the Brancusi we saw in Prague some years ago, was among the best sculptures i have ever seen ..

I did not count them , but there were some 20 Calder sculptures on show together with kinetic works by others that were inspired by Calder. Calder is of course in a league of his own, but some examples were well worth seeing and were certainly no misfits among the Calders. I have taken some photographs to give an impression of the exhibition and keep in mind that has some nice Calder material for sale.

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