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the Hess Art collection

The Hess Art collection combines two favorit subjects of mine. First there is one of the most famous wineries in the world and second. It has a great privately owned art collection with the focus on Modern Art later than the 60’s.

Founder Donald Hess’s art collection began when he purchased a painting as décor for his new home. Years later, a friend studied the painting and informed him that he owned a Picasso. This twist of fate gave Donald his first indication that he might have an eye for art curation. Donald Hess formally began collecting art in 1966, and for him, art collection is a personal endeavor. He is driven by a passion for connecting with living artists and developing a close dialogue with each artist to better understand what drives them to create.

As is evident by the caliber of the art gallery, Donald Hess collects art with an uncanny ability to identify lesser known artists who often go on to become well-known and highly-respected in their disciplines. Once he connects with an artist, Donald is committed to each artist throughout their career.

When you visit the winery on Mount Veeder, you have the opportunity to take part in a guided tour of the impressive Hess Art Collection, followed by a tasting. To prepare yourself www, has now the 350 page book on the Hess collection available.

teh Hess Art colection

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