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Sarah van der Pols (1973)

Sarah van der Pols

Sarah van der Pols (Rotterdam, 1973) graduated from the Willem de Kooning Academy in Rotterdam. A recurring theme in her work is the elusiveness of humankind. Her drawings depict human figures who mirror themselves in their environment and who are taken up with a constant search after themselves and the recognition of the other: a relationship sometimes visualized by a running thread that literally connects the figures in the image. The figures are shaped by its surrounding, but also leave traces in these settings. The figures’ silvery shadows lead lives of their own. The ethereal and laborious materials reflect the elusiveness of the image. Van der Pols uses materials such as soot, charcoal, silk, and silver leaf to create an image that obscures as much as it reveals. The figures are created from their environment by partly erasing them from the soot, painting them over, and drawing them in again. Shadow, mirror image, and afterimage flow into each other, while the surroundings eventually seem to disappear.

The reason for introducing Sarah van der Pols is because FTN art has acquired a beautiful and impressive large work by her, which is now for sale. Thelarge sized and framed work is executed on paper and is a mixed techniques, which measures 142 x 101 ( without the wooden frame )

Authopsy / 2000, by Sarah van der Pols

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