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Sonsbeek 1972

the 3 volume catalogue for Sonsbeek 1972

This arguably the most important Sonsbeek presentation ever. Artist like Serra, Brouwn, Andre and LeWitt all participated in the park near Arnhem. I now have acquired the complete set of 3 volumes which was published on the occasion of this outdoor exhibition.

Arnhem, Holland: Sonsbeek Festival, 1972
Three volumes (A – H, I – R,  S- Z) , uniformly 13 x 17.5cm with a total of almost 1,000 pages.

The extensive catalogue for the huge (and four yearly) sculpture show that frequently catches each the zeitgeist perfectly (the 1968 earlier show represented the pop artists and before that Klein and Arman etc) .

Each artist is displayed in a standard format – a full page b/w of the work followed by a faux index card description in Dutch and English – most artists displayed more than a single work. Artists include Andre, Brouwn (mispelled Brown!), Buren, Darboven, Flanagan, Graham, Long, Merz, Oppenheim, Serra, Snow and many, many more. A delightful publication which is well designed and all that a catalogue should be. 

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Cart Andre at Sonsbeek 1972

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