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Gerald van der Kaap (continued)

Gerald van der Kaap

Readers of this blog have already encountered  a short text on Gerald van der Kaap, but since i have added last week an important publication by van der Kaap to my inventory it is necessary to write agin.

The publication was published by Bébert in 1983, in an edition of 26 + 10 numbered and signed copies. It was presented for the first time at galerie Jurka in 1983 and it contains 6 original photographs by van der Kaap. Many Rotterdam artist experimented with staged photography ( Henk Tas ao) and so did van der Kaap and because i have an interest in staged photography i decided to buy the portfolio for my inventory ( now available at Of course you need to know what i am writing about so here is the complete portfolio in photographs. 

Kaap invitation for the galerie Jurka presentation

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