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James Lambourne (1957)

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I thoughtn I had lost the book….. but a few weeks ago it surfaced agian after rearranging all my titles and putting them back in order again…….and there it was, a small book i bought when we visited Mallorca and the Fundacio Joan  Miro on the island.

I remember buying 2 of these books, because i was impressed by the works of this artist…James Lambourne. It has the quality of Richard Long his stone circles, but instead of a horizontal object these were vertical like paintings.

Observing nature is the basis of James Lambourne’s artistic creation, building an iconography and a personal language that connects us to the shapes, colours and elements of his surroundings. This is how the art critic lookos at his works, but what struck me personally was the bond i felt the artist had with nature, making for me personally these works being attractive. This smust have been teh reason to buy 2 copies of the book of whcih one is now available at


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