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Krikor Momdjian (1947)

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A first encounter with this artist is this publication on Krikor Momdjian ( now available at


Krikor Momdjian is an all-round multimedia visual artist and poet. As an artist he lives and is inspired by the motto: ‘To life’! Guénatz. To create art and to paint drives and shapes his daily life as an artist. ‘As art is inspired through life, life is inspired through art”. From that perspective,being an artist provides him with the opportunity to experience intense contact with ‘the other’ in order to share daily happiness, sorrow, and concern about the future. Krikor’s triple identity (Dutch/Armenian/Lebanese) plays a pivotal role in the creation of his works, through which he seeks and expresses his own cultural identity and authenticity. Moreover, this feeling is strengthened by the interaction between the various cultures, such as his Armenian roots, his background and education in Beirut, Jerusalem,n Florence and Paris, and his current Dutch identity.

and here to finish is a poem by Momdjian

Salt Room Wanderings

When night falls
twinkling shadows
of the rainbow arise
my Salt Room companions
waking me up for dinner
angelic gazes bright
hypnotizing my soul
Where am I, in heaven?
why is earth shivering ?
darkness seems banned
as I look around
the dinner seems ready
the College scents divine
pouring into my veins
Muses I have always dreamed of
sitting with me now at table
we are singing, united in love
refreshing raindrops on our faces
the warm west wind gently
caressing our minds
my heart is now lifted up with you
my Love, my angel

(at night in the Salt Room, Pembroke College, Oxford University)


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