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Plus-Kern and Amédée Cortier

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In october 2020 i wrote a blog on Cortier, so i decided to devote a blog on one of the galeries that showed the works by Cortier in an early stage and this was of course galerie PLUS- KERN, Plus-Kern – Centrum voor Konstruktieve Vormgeving,  was founded by de Smet and Jenny Van Driessche in 1969 and was a regular venue for the works by Cortier and has proved to be after its closure and iconic and one of the most important galeries in Europe from the last century.  Cortier was the abstract constructivist who was perhaps the european equivalent of Ellsworth Kelly. Looking for more information on this iconic gallery i stumbled upon an excellent publiction on Amédéé Cortier and the galeries that presented him during his career ( ao. Plus-Kern and Ronny van de Velde).

Here is the link for the PDF publication:

Click to access cortier-catalogue-2018.pdf

Click to access cortier-catalogue-2018.pdf

This is not for a quick read, since the PDF is 241 pages filled with information on Amédéé Cortier and his influence on Belgian contructivist art, but important it is and only for the photographs of the works “in Situ” it is worth reading it.

For available publications on Plus-Kern and Cortier please search



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