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Siep van den Berg…… a painting

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It has been years that i have been looking to buy a painting by Siep van den Berg…..and i finally succeeded. It was a few months ago that i first heard about a painting from 1990 which was coming up for auction. I went to the viewing days of the auction house and noticed that the painting was hung differently from the way it was depicted in both publications in which it was depicted.

siep schilderij e

One thing was a certainty, without a doubt it was a true Siep van den Berg painting and i started to make a written bid…..the outcome?…..i won the auction and now it is in my personal collection and it sits there together with a nice special book filled with 20 collage /drawings that Siep made for his wife Niesje.

The painting now is mine but it is till not clear how it should be hung. According to the eyes on the back and the way it was presented at the auction house it should be a “portrait” painting. The two books i have on van den Berg, both mention the painting as being a landscape one….


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