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Richard Tuttle (1941)

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On several occasions i visited Richard Tuttle exhibitions during the last 30 years and the last one was at the ICA  in Amsterdam, which had a spectacular catalogue published with it. I became interested in Tuttle when i discovered the appeal of Mininimal Art by LeWitt and Judd for me and noticed that Tuttle could be considered a minimal artist too , although Wikipedia says he is more a Post minimal artist.

postminimalist artist known for his small, subtle, intimate works. His art makes use of scale and line. His works span a range of media, from sculpture, painting, drawing, printmaking, and artist’s books to installation and furniture.

The Louisiana Channel has a great small documentary portrait on Tuttle

This doe not mean that he is a lesser artist than the ones from the first wave of Minimalism.  His works are as complex  as his minimalistic predecessor ones and perhaps a little more joyful because of the use of brighter colors in his later works. It is up to you if you like Richard Tuttle as much as i do, but what is a certainty is that he is important for Modern Art and the quality of his works is recognized all over the world. has the ICA an Stedelijk catalogues available among others.


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