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Pop Art in the Netherlands


hamilton tubingen 1974bOf course Pop Art was first and foremost an American invention, but because of large Pop Art exhibitions held in Europe in Amsterdam, London  and Stockholm, its influence blew across the Atlantic and a generation of European Pop Art artists was the result. Raysse in France, Hamilton in the UK and in the Netherlands Woody van Amen and Shinkichi Tajiri became famous for their interpretation of Pop Art.

A few years ago a large exhibition was held in the Nijmeegs Museum het Valkhof ( 2012) which showed these European artists in an exhibition in conjunction with their American counter parts. But this was not the only occasion where Pop Art was presented in relation with the Pop Art scene in the US. There were exhibitions in DE KUNSTHAL ( 1995 ), Gemeentemuseum SIXTIES !(2007) and of course the Pop Art exhibition in the Stedelijk Museum (1964) with the Wim Crouwel catalogue which started it all in the Netherlands.

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