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Dick Bruna ( 1927-2017)

The day before yesterday, Dick Bruna . The creator of Nijntje/Miffy died at the age of 89. Started as an illustrator for the famous Bruna series he soon became famous for the covers of Havank and the James Bond series which were published in the Bruna pocket series. As a sidetrack he created Miffy ( Nijntje in dutch) and this character made him famous all over the world. In his early years he was influenced by the De stijl artists Mondrian and van der Leck and of course Matisse and Leger. The thick outlines in his drawings remember of the works by Leger, but his drawings are much more simplified. That is the reason why so man young children are attracted to the stories of Miffy. Dick Bruna was  a great artist, who has his own museum nowadays in Utrecht and will be remembered as one of the greatest dutch artists from the last 50 years. has still some Bruna books in its inventory.



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