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Mudas…Museum of Contemporary Art on Madeira


Last week , me and my wife had a short holiday on the island of MADEIRA ( Portugal). We stayed there among the 350.000 inhabitants, numerous hotels, scenery which is beyond imagination and ….one museum of Modern Art. . The museum is build from top to bottom, instead of erected from the ground up into the sky. Nearby a cliff and with views on the Atlantic Ocean. What struck me most was the architecture in combination with the constructivist art which was on show. The Museum consists of 4 floors which are connected to each other with small staircases, but when entered they have an air of roominess and  because of the light within the rooms they are perfect for exhibitions. The entrance fee is only 4 euro, but this museum is well worth a visit. Do not expect the most famous names in modern art, but these Portugese Artists on show  are well worth visiting in this MUDAS museum.

Rua Simão Gonçalves da Câmara nº 37, 9370-139 Estreito da Calheta, Portugal

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