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Theo van Hoytema ( 1863-1917) is dutch Art Nouveau.


Many of you will have seen the design Hoytema made for the Deftsche Slaolie fabrieken and the calendars he made each year with his famous birds.

But lesser known are his publications with (children) stories on the birds he so much loved and admired. His best know story is het LELIJKE JONGE EENDJE. In which a ugly duck transforms into a beautiful swan/ These books were published by uitgeverij Schoonderbeek and throughout the years nothing was changed until mrs.Schoonderbeek decided to stop publishing the reprints and calendars by van Hoytema. Since, some very ugly publications have been published by others, but the old publications by Schoonderbeek are timeless and beautiful. For those interested in these publications,, still has some titles available. If you want to know what dutch Art Nouveau looked like….these are the publications to collect. Schoonderbeek and van Hoytema are a classic combination.

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