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dutch cows and the HAAGSE SCHOOL

Blue skies with clouds chasing by,  Grey Skies, meadows,  windmills, ponds, hay stacks. Put this all in a blender and you will have the ingredients of a dutch impressionist or THE HAGUE school painting. The Netherlands was famous for his landscape painting from the 16th century on, but only in the last 150 years the painter approached his subjects and showed in detail what landscape painting was all about. Willem Maris was one of them and together with Weisssenbruch he made some of the best landscape paintings from his time. Beautiful skies and detail , perfect light and in many cases decorated with cows in the meadow. If you want to see the best from the THE HAGUE school painters, buy the books on the DE HAAGSE SCHOOL at and for the best examples from this school visit the Gemeentemuseum Den Haag and the Mesdag museum, both in The Hague.

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