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Anton Stankowski


What is the best book on Anton Stankowski? ….Without any doubt this is FREE and APPLIED 1925-1995. A two volume publication which gives the very best possible overview on the works by Anton Stankowski. A hard to find book in these days and sold out at, but if you are willing to pay for it there are still some to be found. Because of the weight of almost 5 kg, shipping is very expensive, so be careful where you order. This said there are many more nice publications on this great artist to be found. Some on his photography others on his designs, but most on his paintings and graphics. Stankowski is such an artist who is recognized as being important by a small group of admirers, but when you look into his history you become more and more aware of his importance to his fellow artists and within a decade or so his works will become extremely important in relation to others ( like Albers is to Minimal art) and with that too expensive to collect.

For those interested in Stankowski , please look at my small inventory i have at including some nice signed and numbered graphic art.

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