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Panamarenko – A lesser known book, but maybe the best book on this artist

Panamarenko is one of the artists which i follow with great interest and because of this interest i have collected many titles on this fascinating artist. I know of excellent gallery publications , beautiful Museum editions ( Berlin ao) and many limited editions, but one of the most interesting to me is this edition by Marzona. An early book on Panamarenko but with many detailed description of the “machines ” he invented and produced. It shows the strength of his imagination. Totally original designs by an artists who stayed true to his belief that he had to invent and make his dreams come true.

The Marzona edition is from 1975, and because of this publication date it includes many of the inventions Panamarenko has become famous for:

The mechanism of gravity

Insect flight

The helicopter as a potential winner

U Kontrol III


Scotch Gambit


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