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Opening Gerard Verdijk Retrospektief

Yesterday, 30th  of July, 2016…Location Dordrechts Museum…..time 15.30 hrs.

The director welcomes his audience, his guests to attend the opening of the exhibition GERARD VERDIJK RETROSPEKTIEF, in which the Dordrechts museum presents over 70 works by Gerard Verdijk. Mrs Saskia Monshouwer , a long time admirer of the works by Verdijk gives her speech on the person of Verdijk in relation to his works and distinguishes 4 periods in his life. She even links him to Zero. This was new to me, but when you look at several works within the exhibition you can see why she does it. Visiting the exhibition makes one thing clear….Gerard Verdijk is a very important artist and will earn his place amongthe best in Modern dutch 20th century art. Even after so many years his works are not “out dated” but still original , fresh and……mystic.

It certainly is a recommended exhibition, which can be seen until the first week of January 2017. Meanwhile a publication will be published and for those who want to start their own Verdijk collection there is a beautiful small drawing for sale at ftn-art.

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The drawing will be published later today on this blog together with a choice of other publications on Verdijk

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