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Gianfranco ASveri (1948)

Gianfranco Asveri was born in 1948 in Fiorenzuola d’Arda, province of Piacenza. After graduating from the Department of Technology and Science, he found a reason to live in art in 1969, where he devoted himself to painting. For many years he lived and worked with dogs at Gasperini in the Piacenza hills.
After an early stage of self-expression in the traditional pictorial language, from the 1980s onwards his paintings took on a more instinctive and personal gesture, using rich colors and fabrics and emphasizing his brut expressionism. approached. Expressing a highly instinctive and emotional style of painting, Asveri attacks the surface with arrogant and primitive gestures, thereby coexisting with other, less perceptible matrices of expression, memories of artistic images. can. Asveri’s paintings are born from observations of reality, with deep and vibrant inspiration. animals that the artist collects and cares for, animals that he lives with and worships, and animals to which he devotes his paintings, paintings and poems.
He was ranked among the 10 emerging Italian painters by his Il Sole 24Ore newspaper and was recognized through numerous solo exhibitions in Italy and abroad. has the CHarta publication on Asveri available.