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Armodio (1938)

Armodio (real name Vilmore Cernardi) was born in Piacenza in 1938. His training was based not on attending the “Gazzola” art school in his city, but on meeting the painter Luciano Spazzari. His studio was a convenient place to experiment and get to know each other. Here he met his first teacher and later traveling companion, the painter Gustavo Foppiani. The two worked together, later joined by painter Carlo Berte, and shared a studio until 1980. Thus, a free grouping was born. This grouping is inspired by a curiosity about the most diverse manifestations of culture, a desire to interpret reality based on sarcasm, and a penchant for playful transgressions. His first solo exhibition in Piacenza was in 1963 at Genocchi his gallery in Piacenza, and in 1964 the Roman Obelisk appeared in the gallery thanks to Foppiani. In the 1960s, the painter spent a short time in London, collaborating with the American Lily Shepley, and later with Galeria Forni in Bologna. In 1972 he met Philippe Guimeot, opened his own gallery for artists in Brussels and a fruitful collaboration began. From that moment on, most of his paintings were in important private collections in Europe and the United States. Galleria Jean in Milan After his stint at Ferrari, Armodio comes to Piacenza’s Galleria Braga. After this experience, he worked first in Arezzo’s Galleria Lin Margin only, then in Bologna’s Galleria He Marescalchi. His work is now exhibited in major galleries in Italy and abroad. has the 1981/ GUIMIOT catalog now available